What is a Coast Guard BM2?

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The ratings and rates of enlisted members of the Navy and Coast Guard are used. For instance, if a person is both a Petty Officer 2nd Class and a Boatswain’s Mate, the combined rating is known as Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class (BM2).

What rank is BM2?


Abbreviation Title Rank
BMC Chief boatswain’s mate Chief petty officer
BM1 Boatswain’s mate first class Petty officer first class
BM2 Boatswain’s mate second class Petty officer second class
BM3 Boatswain’s mate third class Petty officer third class

What is the lowest rank in the Coast Guard?

The U.S. Coast Guard’s lowest enlisted rank, just above seaman apprentice, is seaman recruit (SR). Within this rank, there are two distinct pay grades: one for employees with less than four months of service and another for employees with more than four months of service, even if they have not yet advanced to seaman apprentice.

What are the different ranks in the Coast Guard?

Enlisted (E-1 through E-3), petty officers (E-4 through E-9), warrant officers (CWO-2 through CWO-4) and officers make up the four pay grade categories that make up USCG ranks (O-1 through O-10). The Seaman’s ratings and paygrade are represented by the letter and number.

What’s the highest rank in the Coast Guard?

The highest rank in the U.S. Coast Guard is admiral (also known as full admiral, four-star admiral, or full admiral). It ranks below Fleet Admiral and above vice admiral (three-star admiral) (five-star admiral).

How long does it take to make e7 in the Coast Guard?

To qualify for E-6, members must have one year of sea time in their specific rating. Additionally, the member needs to have 36 months of rated sea time in order to qualify for E-7.

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Are Coast Guard called airmen?

The ranks in the U.S. Coast Guard are very similar to or the same as those in the U.S. Navy, and an airman in the Coast Guard has the same rank and pay as an airman in the Navy.

What rank will I be in the Coast Guard with a bachelor’s degree?

After completing the program, you’ll be given an ensign (O-1) commission in the Coast Guard and have to serve a minimum of three years on active duty. You might be given a ship, a job on staff, a flight school, or an operations billet ashore.

How many years do you have to be in the Coast Guard?

How much time do I have to serve? Contracts for enlistment last for eight years. The most typical contracts include 4 years of active duty and 4 years of the reserve component’s inactive status. In some circumstances, active duty contracts for three, four, or six years may be available.

What are Coast Guard members called?

Regardless of gender, a uniformed member of the Coast Guard is referred to formally as a “Coast Guardsman”. The informal term “Coastie” is frequently used to refer to members of the Coast Guard, either active or retired.

What are officers called in the Coast Guard?

Officer and admiral are the two officer tiers in the Coast Guard. Commissioned members of the Coast Guard do not enlist. The US president may appoint them for an endless period of time.

Which branch of the military is hardest to get into?

The Air Force is the most difficult service to join in terms of educational requirements and overall Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (AFVAB) scores, tied with the Coast Guard.

What rank are Coast Guard pilots?

Grades for DCA appointments and length of service:

Those who are chosen will be required to serve on active duty for five years. Each selected candidate’s appointment grade is decided by the selection panel. The chosen candidates will be given a commission in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve as an Ensign (O-1) or Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2).

How much does an e7 make in the Coast Guard?

At the DoD paygrade E-7, a Chief Petty Officer is a chief petty officer in the US Coast Guard. A Chief Petty Officer’s basic pay salary begins at $3,294 per month and increases to $5,921 per month after over 26 years of service.

Does a 2nd Lt outrank a Sgt major?

The sergeant major or first sergeant are always superior to the LT.

What does MK mean in the Coast Guard?

Machinery Technician (MK), one of the largest ratings in the Coast Guard, offers opportunities for assignment at every cutter, boat, and shore station.

Is it hard to get in the Coast Guard?

Because it accepts far fewer new recruits than the other branches of the military and has strict eligibility requirements, the Coast Guard is one of the more challenging branches to join. A security clearance check and credit check will be required.

Which branch promotes the fastest?

branches that advance most quickly

The military branch that promotes personnel the quickest is typically the U.S. Army.

How much does an e5 in the Coast Guard make?

A United States Coast Guard petty officer at DoD paygrade E-5 is known as a Petty Officer Second Class. Starting at $2,610 per month, a Petty Officer Second Class’s basic pay salary increases to $3,704 per month after serving for more than 12 years.

Do you get paid more in the military if you have a degree?

Having a college degree makes this more true. You’ll make more money with a college degree and OCS completion than you would if you entered basic training right out of high school. Privates can expect to make $19,659 annually, while officers can expect to make $37,292 on average.

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What’s the shortest military contract?

The Quick Response is, “Two Years With a Catch.”

The shortest time a new enlistee can commit to active duty is two years, but there is a condition. Although you have an eight-year commitment, you can fulfill it while serving on active duty, in the reserves, or as an Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).

How much is the Coast Guard signing bonus?

For those who are interested in working as an operational specialist, the Coast Guard is providing a monetary incentive bonus (OS). At the moment, those bonuses range from $20,000 to $50,000 for A-school graduates and those who decide to reenlist.

Does Coast Guard get pension?

The “Civil Estimates.” of the Ministry of Defense provide funding for the ICG. MSP is not present at ICG (Military Service Pay). The ICG has an NPS pension plan, in contrast to the Navy, which has a traditional pension system.

Is Coast Guard a good job?

It’s military and offers a lot of room for growth

One of the best services in India is the Coast Guard, which is ideal for anyone who enjoys sailing and marine life. The training is provided by IN, and you will have the opportunity to travel to various nations.

Can Coast Guard be Navy SEALs?

Naval Special Warfare Command deputy commander Rear Adm. Garry Bonelli said, “Naval Special Warfare is proud to team with the nation’s first Coast Guard officers qualified as Navy SEALs.” They have proven themselves over the last 14 months and truly deserve to be referred to as our teammates.

Why do Marines say Booyah?

Since the middle of the 20th century, the American Marine Corps has frequently used the battle cry “oorah.” Similar to hooah in the US Army, hooyah in the US Navy, and hooyah in the US Coast Guard The most typical uses of it are to express enthusiasm or to respond to a verbal greeting. (Reference: Wikipedia)

Are all Coast Guard law enforcement?

The U.S. Coast Guard is the principal federal agency in charge of disaster management, homeland security, incident response, and law enforcement in the maritime environment.

How much does an admiral make in the Coast Guard?

Admiral Pay of the Coast Guard

As of 2022, the average total compensation for an Admiral may range from $3,363.48 to $207,062.28 annually when accounting for the most frequent pay allowances.

What rank is a captain in the Coast Guard?

U.S. Coast Guard Ranks O-6 Captain

Captain is the 22nd rank in the US Coast Guard, immediately below Rear Admiral Lower Half and above Commander. At the DoD paygrade O-6, a captain is a Senior Officer and receives a starting monthly salary of $7,332.

What boot camp is the hardest?

Physically and mentally demanding, Marine boot camp is regarded as being more difficult than any other military service’s basic training courses.

Which military branch goes to war first?

When fighting breaks out, the Marines are frequently the first to arrive on the scene and take the initiative.

How long is a Coast Guard pilot contract?

A total of 11 years of service are required for this pathway, including a three-year initial active duty commitment and an eight-year service commitment.

Where do Coast Guard pilots train?

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Texas provides fixed-wing training for Coast Guard pilots. After completing the advanced flight training, which takes about 20 weeks, the student receives their pilot’s license about a year after starting flight school.

Which military branch has the best quality of life?

Of all the military service branches, the Air Force is known for having the best quality of life programs (dormitories, family housing, on-base shopping and services, and recreation).

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What military branch pays the most?

The highest pays by branch are:

  • Army: $646.
  • $75 for the Marine Corps.
  • Navy: $750.
  • Air Force $520
  • $805 for the Coast Guard

How much is e8 retirement pay with 20 years?

For instance, an E-8 retiring after 20 years would earn about $22,000 a year just for getting out of bed. However, if you multiply that by 40 more years of life, you’ll have a $1 million retirement package.

How much does a retired E7 make a month?

The E-7 who is still on active duty, however, retires and begins receiving a pension right away. This calculator determines their pension to be $2,171.00 per month or $26,052.00 per year if they retired in 2016.

How fast do you rank up in the Coast Guard?

And to be promoted to E-3 in the Coast Guard, you need to have served for six months as an E-2, show that you have the necessary military and professional credentials, and get the commander’s okay. E-4 is the next pay grade up, and it’s the last one whose promotion is regarded as essentially automatic based on time served.

What rank will I be in the Coast Guard with a bachelor’s degree?

After completing the program, you’ll be given an ensign (O-1) commission in the Coast Guard and have to serve a minimum of three years on active duty. You might be given a ship, a job on staff, a flight school, or an operations billet ashore.

What is the nickname for the Coast Guard?

Here are some reasons to hate the Coast Guard, why the other branches should hate the Coast Guard, and why you should love the Coast Guard. Submariners may have been the first to claim the moniker “Silent Service,” but the Coast Guard is a close second.

Why don’t you call a Marine a soldier?

They aren’t soldiers, though. It’s the Marines. The mission, the training, the background, the uniform, and the esprit de corps of the Marines set them apart. You wouldn’t refer to a sailor, airman, or Marine as a soldier, and you certainly shouldn’t.

Do you salute an officer in civilian clothes?

When an officer is wearing civilian clothing and you are in uniform and you recognize them, you should start the proper greeting and salute.

Which is the easiest boot camp?

Basic Training / Boot Camp that is easiest

This is what? Although every branch of the military is required to undergo boot camp or basic training, it is generally agreed that the Air Force is the easiest.

What is the best job in the Coast Guard?

5 Best Coast Guard Jobs For 2022

  • Electrical technician for avionics.
  • a boat’s mate.
  • Technician for information systems.
  • Swimmer in Rescue.
  • Pilot for Direct Commission in Helicopters (conclusion).

What military branch has the most females?

What branch of the military has the most female members? Although there are more women in the Army than any other branch, they are more likely to join the Air Force. The issue of gender equality in the US military received extensive attention from the Council on Foreign Relations.

What is the highest enlisted rank in the Coast Guard?

Coast Guard of the United States » Rank Structure & Insignia

The United States Coast Guard has 24 grades of enlisted sailors and officers, with the majority joining at the Seaman Recruit entry-level rank (SR, paygrade E-1). Admiral is the highest position that can be held in the Coast Guard.

How much do you make in the Coast Guard after 4 years?

Coast Guard Enlisted Basic Pay Rates

Years of Experience E-1 E-2
Over 3 $1,833 $2,055
Over 4 $1,833 $2,055
Over 6 $1,833 $2,055
Over 8 $1,833 $2,055