Is it securer or more secure?

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a more secure definition
secure in comparison to more secure.

What is the comparative of secure?

securest. Secured in comparison; secured more.

What is the meaning of Securer?

1: free from risk or danger I felt safe and secure at home. 2: a lock that is secure and strong enough to guarantee safety 3: Unconcerned or unsure; assured He is confident in his skills. 4: positive entry 1 feeling 5. The victory is assured.

What is the superlative of secure?

Secure in superlative form: most secure; most secure.

What is the comparative and superlative form of secure?

Guidelines for creating comparative and superlative terms

Comparative: more friendly, assured, or careless. Superlative terms include most agreeable, safest, and reckless.

Is more safe grammatically correct?

More safe is grammatically correct even though safer is more frequently used in everyday speech. Though more often used in writing than in speech, more safe.

Can we say safer or more safe?

Safer is the comparative form of the adverb “safe”. A somewhat frequent alternative comparative form of safe is more safe. Both forms are accepted, but “safer” is more frequently used. There is a lot of informal English that defies established grammar rules.

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What is the noun for to secure?

secureness. security, the quality or state of being secure.

What are two synonyms for Secure?

synonyms for secure

  • protected.
  • defended.
  • guarded.
  • sheltered.
  • shielded.
  • immune.
  • impregnable.
  • safe from harm.

What is comparative and superlative of gently?

gently (comparative gentlier or more gently, superlative gentliest or most gently) (comparative gentlier or more gently, superlative gentliest or most gently)

What is safe and secure?

Safe: “Unharmed or risk-free” Safe: “Free from threat”

How do you write comparative and superlative?

Adjectives with two syllables can be made into comparatives by adding -er or by adding more before the adjective. These adjectives create the superlative by adding the -est or by putting most before the adjective.

How do you write a superlative sentence?

Superlative examples include: Marcus is the tallest boy in the class. I’ve read a lot of books, but this one is the longest! The kid at the party who seems to be having the most fun is Joseph.

Is it more friendly or friendlier?

Adjective: “friendlier,” “more friendly,” or both, though some authorities prefer “friendlier.” Adverbs should always be used with a peripherasis, such as “in a friendlier manner.” Both the phrases “they acted friendlier than us” and “they acted more friendly than us” are used, but neither is accepted.

How do you use safer in a sentence?

Safer sentence example

  1. He managed to relocate us to a nicer, safer area.
  2. If you were unaware of who I was, it was safer for you.
  3. Some people would feel much safer as a result.
  4. She looked for a more secure subject, one that wouldn’t make her want to yell.
  5. He might believe that doing so would make her safer.
  6. makes me feel more secure.

Is safer a Scrabble word?

Scrabble accepts SAFER as a word.

What is the prefix of secure?

Secure has an insecure prefix.

For instance, the word secure here means safe, whereas its prefix form, insecure, means unsafe.

What do you call a person who request?

The meaning of requester

One who requests something from another person is known as a requester. But if someone else opposes the release of the records, making a public records request in Washington State could put the requester at risk of legal action.

What’s another word for safe and secure?

1 guarded, safe, and protected. 4 Reliable, certain. 5 cautious, wary.

What does it mean to secure a place?

A place is made safe from harm or attack when it is secured. [formal]

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Is Insecure the opposite of secure?

“He shuffled over to open the shutters and found that they and the windows were unlocked.”

What is the opposite of secure?

precarious insecure
unprotected unsure
weak not fastened
unsecured insolvent
in debt unbalanced

What is an example of secure?

When you tie something down, that is an example of being secure. When you lock up your money in a safe to protect it, that is an example of being secure. When you are hired for a job you have been working extremely hard to get, that is an example of feeling secure.

Is it gentler or more gentle?

There is no semantic difference between “more gentle” and “gentler” so you can use either word. the two-syllable adjective plus ER or more is the comparative form. a straightforward rule. More beautiful but also more ugly, three syllables must take more.

What comes first security or safety?

Therefore, security is the procedure used to guarantee our safety. There must always be a reliable constant keeping the safeguards we anticipate in place. The elements of how our safety is defined must remain constant for security to be effective.

What is the difference between safe and security?

Comparison of the Terms Safety and Security in a Table. When something or someone is protected from potential hazards, the term “safety” is used to describe the situation. Security refers to defending groups or individuals against danger or threats.

Is more a superlative?

In these cases, we always add ‘more’ or ‘less’ before a comparative adjective and ‘most’ or ‘least’ before a superlative adjective.

Three or More Syllable Adjectives.

Complicated More/Less Complicated Most/Least Complicated

Why do we use more and most in comparative and superlative?

Adjectives with two syllables and a final -ed, -ing, -ful, or -less always form the comparative with more and the superlative with most. Other than those ending in -y, most other two-syllable adjectives also function as comparatives and superlatives with more and most (see point 3 above).

What is superlative adjective examples?

The use of superlative adjectives, such as best, worst, etc., allows the writer to compare nouns to their absolute highest or lowest quality. Examples of Superlative Adjectives: The best restaurant in the city belonged to Gloria. Paul had the class’s worst speller.

What is the comparative and superlative of more?

The comparative with more/less and the superlative with most/least are formed by adjectives with three or more syllables: More interesting than the first lecture was the second.

What is another word for very busy?

Assiduous, diligent, industrious, and sedulous are some typical synonyms for busy. All of these words refer to being “actively engaged or occupied,” but busy focuses more on activity than idleness or leisure.

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Is less busy grammatically correct?

Simply put, this is how we create comparisons. Increasingly busy. From most to least to busiest,

Is it more handsome or handsomer?

comparing and contrasting handsome

Although handsomer and handsomest are required by the rules, usage has evolved over time. More handsome is preferred over more handsome in today’s speech, and equally as many people use the terms most handsome and handsomest.

Is it spicier or more spicy?

More spicy is the comparative form of spicy.

Are all safe are secure and safe?

However, safe and secure are not always interchangeable because there is a slight difference between them. Safe and secure are different in that safe refers to protection from mishaps and accidents while secure refers to protection from intentional threats or dangers.

Is it OK to use that in a sentence?

Use of the Word “That” in Sentences. To start, it’s crucial to understand when a sentence actually calls for the word “that.” It is strictly necessary to use this word if a clause begins with a specific subordinating conjunction, such as before, while, or in addition to. It frequently links dependent clauses to independent clauses.

Is it correct to say more importantly?

Both “more important” and “more importantly” are grammatically correct and accepted expressions.

Which word means nearly the same as security?

(also egis), protection, wardship, cover.

Which word has the similar meaning to security?

bail, collateral, compact, contract, covenant, cover, custody, care, freedom, guarantee, insurance, preservation, surveillance, and confidence are all examples of bonds.

What is the suffix word of secure?

The adjective “secure” is changed into a noun by adding the suffix “ity.” Security is the state of not being in danger or under threat.

What is the noun of secure?

secureness. security, the quality or state of being secure.

What is a polite word for request?

petition, beg (to), supplicate, and pray.

What is it called when you ask someone to do something?

Request. verb. to make a formal or polite request for something or to ask someone to do something.

How do you use an abstract noun in a sentence?

Subjects: Just like with other nouns, an abstract noun can serve as the sentence’s subject. Honesty, for instance, serves as the subject in the proverb “Honesty is the best policy.” 4.

How do you secure a place?

Here are 11 easy ways to secure your home

  1. Protect the doors.
  2. Securing the windows.
  3. Brighten the surroundings.
  4. Put a security system in place.
  5. Keep in mind the garage.
  6. Secure the Wi-Fi network.
  7. Take away all hiding places.
  8. Add surveillance cameras.