Can protected members be accessed by objects C?

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In that they cannot be accessed from outside the class, protected members of a class are similar to private members. However, whereas private members cannot be accessed by derived classes or child classes, they can.

Can Protected be accessed?

Modifier for Protected Access – Protected

Only the subclasses in the other package or any class within the package of the protected members’ class may access variables, methods, and constructors that have been declared protected in a superclass.

Can subclass access protected members?

If both a class and its subclass are present in the same package, we can access protected members of both classes.

Does derived class inherit protected members?

The public and protected members of the base class are protected in the derived class due to protected inheritance. The public and protected members of the base class become private in the derived class due to private inheritance.

Can protected members be accessed outside the package?

Only the code that is in charge of implementing an object may access a protected member or constructor from outside the package in which it is declared.

How do I access protected base class members?

class Base { protected: int b; public: void DoSomething(const Base& that) { b+=that.

protected members can be accessed:

  1. by way of this pointer.
  2. or to protected members of the same type, even if they are declared in base.
  3. or from friend functions or classes.

Can protected members be accessed by objects in Java?

Only the code that is in charge of implementing an object may access a protected member or constructor from outside the package in which it is declared.

Can we override protected method?

Yes, the protected method of a superclass can be overridden by a subclass. If the superclass method is protected, the subclass overridden method can have protected or public (but not default or private) which means the subclass overridden method can not have a weaker access specifier.

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Do subclasses inherit protected?

A subclass does not inherit the private members of its parent class. However, if the superclass has public or protected methods for accessing its private fields, these can also be used by the subclass. A nested class has access to all the private members of its enclosing class—both fields and methods.

Which members of a class Cannot be inherited?

Explanation: Private members of a class can’t be inherited. These members can only be accessible from members of its own class only.

Can constructors and destructors be inherited?

Constructors and destuctors are not members of the class and not inherited but instead automatically invoked if the sub class has no constructor. up to now this excludes c++ which supports constructor inheritance. It’s Me As of now only option 1 is right i.e destructors cannot be inherited.

Can I call protected method?

If a class is not final, you can use an anonymous class to call its protected method: new ClassWithProtectedMethod() { @Override protected void method() { super. method(); } }.

What is protected vs private?

private: The type or member can be accessed only by code in the same class or struct . protected: The type or member can be accessed only by code in the same class , or in a class that is derived from that class .

How can we access protected method from derived class?

You can access a protected member only via inheritance (apart from the methods of the same class). Say for example you have a class Derived1 which inherits from Derived , then objects of Derived1 can call foo() . EDIT: MSDN article on protected access specifier.

How many protected members are there in base class?

If a class is derived privately from a base class, all protected base class members become private members of the derived class. Class A contains one protected data member, an integer i . Because B derives from A , the members of B have access to the protected member of A .

Can inner class be protected?

You can just think protected inner class is protected member, so it only access for class, package, subclass but not for the world. In addition, for outter class, there is only two access modifier for it. Just public and package.

What happens when a constructor is defined as protected?

A protected constructor means that only derived members can construct instances of the class (and derived instances) using that constructor. This sounds a bit chicken-and-egg, but is sometimes useful when implementing class factories.

What happens if we declare constructor as protected?

Protecting a constructor prevents the users from creating the instance of the class, outside the package. During overriding, when a variable or method is protected, it can be overridden to other subclass using either a public or protected modifier only. Outer class and interface cannot be protected.

Can static methods be inherited?

Static methods take all the data from parameters and compute something from those parameters, with no reference to variables. We can inherit static methods in Java.

Can a private method be overridden?

No, we cannot override private or static methods in Java. Private methods in Java are not visible to any other class which limits their scope to the class in which they are declared.

Are private methods inherited?

private methods are not inherited. A does not have a public say() method therefore this program should not compile.

Can you extend a private class?

Well, it certainly can! That doesn’t mean it should. Java allows it as extension so it’s a nice feature when properly used.

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Can protected class be inherited in C#?

A protected class could not be defined inside a namespace.It could only be declared as a nested class. It could be instantiated inside other nested classes and could be inherited by other nested classes and It can inherit from other nested classes.

Can a protected field of a class be inherited to subclass outside the package?

All these guys explained that the protected member can be accessed by any subclass(also by the subclass out of package) and can be accessed by the package level classes. While experimenting on protected members, I found out that I’m unable to access a protected member from a subclass outside package.

Can we overload constructor in derived class?

Can constructors be overloaded in derived class? Explanation: The constructor must be having the same name as that of a class. Hence a constructor of one class can’t even be defined in another class. Since the constructors can’t be defined in derived class, it can’t be overloaded too, in derived class.

Can abstract class can be inherited?

Structures cannot inherit from an abstract class. It might include constructors or destroyers. It can use non-Abstract methods to implement functions. There can be only one inheritance supported.

Can constructor be virtual destructor?

C++’s virtual constructor

The constructor cannot be virtual in C++ because there isn’t a virtual table in memory when a class’s constructor is executed, which means there isn’t a virtual pointer yet. Therefore, the constructor should never be virtual. Virtual destructor, however, is conceivable.

Can we have virtual destructor?

You can have a pure virtual destructor, yes. Pure virtual destructors are acceptable in standard C++, and one of the most crucial things to keep in mind is that a class must provide a function body for any pure virtual destructor it contains.

Which of the following are true about protected access specifier?

Which of the following statements regarding the protected access modifier is true? A – Any class can access variables, methods, and constructors that have been declared protected.

Is protected the same as public?

The distinction between public and protected is that public can be accessed from outside the class, whereas protected cannot.

Is protected package private?

When a member is marked as private, it means that only other members of that class may access it. The protected modifier designates that the member can only be accessed by a subclass of its class in another package as well as within its own package (like with package-private).

Can we use protected member outside the package?

While protected members can be accessed anywhere within the same package, they can only be accessed outside of that package in the child class of the protected member and using the child class’s reference variable, not the parent class’ reference variable.

Can we access protected member outside the package?

The package includes access to the protected access modifier. It is also accessible outside of the package, but only via inheritance. We are unable to give outer classes and interfaces protected status. You cannot create an instance of a class from outside the package if you make any constructors protected.

How do you make a protected member inheritable?

Any protected member of the initial base class that is inherited as public by the first derived class may be inherited again, as a protected member, by a second derived class when a derived class is used as the base class for another derived class.

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Which public member of a base class Cannot be inherited?

Which base class public member cannot be inherited? Both the constructor and the destructor cannot be passed down to a child class in C++.

Can child class access protected members?

In that they cannot be accessed from outside the class, protected members of a class are similar to private members. However, whereas private members cannot be accessed by derived classes or child classes, they can.

Can we call a private method from an object of a class?

A class’s private method can only be accessed from within the class. The object cannot be used outside of the class to access the private methods. We will encounter a SyntaxError if we attempt to access the private method from outside the class. By placing a # before the method name, we can declare our private method.

Can outer class default?

A Java inner class is defined within another class’s body. A Java outer class can only have public or default access, whereas an inner class can be declared private, public, protected, or with default access.

Can a class be declared as synchronized?

Only method declarations and synchronized blocks are permitted to use the synchronized keyword. When applied to a method declaration, it acts as if a synchronized block had been added around the method’s contents. Nothing prevents you from synchronizing a class’s methods one at a time.

Why constructors are always public?

If you want the class to be instantiated from anywhere, you must make the constructor public. If you want a class to be inheritable and its inherited classes to be instantiated, you must make the constructor protected.

Can constructor throw an exception?

Constructors may, in fact, raise exceptions in Java. An object is also referred to as an instance of a class, and a constructor is a special kind of method that is used to create an object of a class using the new keyword.

Can a default constructor be private?

Yes, we are allowed to make a constructor private. We are unable to create an object of a class if we declare a constructor as private.

Can abstract class have protected constructor?

By definition, an abstract class cannot be directly instantiated. It can only be created by a derived type instance. Therefore, protected makes much more sense than public because the only types that should have access to a constructor are its derived types.

Can we use protected in constructor?

Constructors may use public, protected, and private modifiers. When building a singleton class in Java, we can use a private constructor.

Can constructor be static?

Java constructors aren’t allowed to be static

The fact that a Java constructor cannot be static is one of its key characteristics. We are aware that the static keyword refers to a class rather than a class object. There is no use of the static constructor because a constructor is called whenever an object of a class is created.

Can return type change in overriding?

Since Java 5, we can only override a method by changing its return type if it complies with the requirement that the overridden method’s return type is a subclass of the original method’s return type.

Can constructor be inherited?

Subclasses cannot inherit constructors because they are not members; however, they may call the constructor of the superclass.

Can abstract method be private?

A class method that is private prevents access from outside the current class, including from its child classes. However, if a method is abstract, you must override it in a subclass before using it from the same class. The abstract method cannot be private as a result.