What is protect Advantage support services on my ATT bill?

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What is only available to AT&T Protect Advantage customers?

Unlimited photo and video storage is available to AT&T Protect Advantage customers. (Note: There might be restrictions on how big each video can be stored and backed up.) Customers of AT&T Mobility who don’t have AT&T Protect Advantage get 5GB of storage (includes AT&T Mobile Insurance subscribers).

How do I remove protect Advantage support?

Enter your wireless account credentials, choose My Wireless, and then select the desired device. The features you currently have will then be displayed when you choose Manage Device & Features. You should have the choice to do something about the feature after selecting Device Protection.

How long does protect advantage last?

The 12-month registration period for the mobile number (connected device) or device is reset with each approved claim (non-connected device). Despite being limitless, each authorized battery replacement calls for the registered device to be repaired (registration can be changed 12 months from the date of the approved claim).

What is ATT protect advantage for 1?

For One, AT&T Protect Advantage

You can cover one device with up to three claims for loss, theft, or physical damage and two claims for handling-related accidents thanks to Mobile Protect Advantage for 1.

Is AT&T Protect advantage free?

$15 for each enrolled mobile number. includes ProTech app, Photo Storage app, ProTech support, and AT&T Protect Insurance for 1 for the enrolled eligible device. Three claims with a maximum device value of $2,500 per occurrence within any consecutive 12-month period.

How do I cancel my AT&T protection plan?


  1. Pick Wireless from the menu at the top of the page.
  2. Check out My Plan & Features.
  3. To remove the protection from a device, select the Manage link.
  4. Select Protection from the Manage my Current Features section.
  5. Feature Removal is selected.
  6. Complete your change by following the instructions.

What is a protected advantage?

Your advantages with AT&T Protect Advantage

You require immediate assistance if your device is lost, stolen, or damaged. Depending on when and where you need us, we’ll repair or replace it. Launch a claim. Photo Archive. Free unlimited storage is available.

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What is protective advantage?

Providing coverage to motor carriers with up to 24 units, Protective Advantage is a national trucking program that is distributed through a select group of retail brokers.

Will AT&T replace my phone for free?

Thankfully, AT&T is providing anyone who requests one with a free replacement phone (via Android Police). That is a 2019 AT&T RADIANT Core, a low-cost handset that was initially unveiled as a respectable choice for AT&T’s prepaid customers.

How many insurance claims can you make with AT&T?

Details of the AT&T Mobile Insurance program. $8.99 for each enrolled mobile number. Two claims with a maximum device value of $2,500 per occurrence within any consecutive 12-month period.

Is water damage covered by AT&T insurance?

No, a warranty does not cover water damage. When ATT receives the phone and determines that there is water damage, they will charge your account between $400 and $500 for the new phone that was already sent to you. Give complete disclosure up front the next time to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Does Asurion cover cracked back glass?

Repairing the back glass of an iPhone® or AndroidTM can get pricey. The good news is that Asurion is one of the few U.S.-based companies that can fix your phone’s back glass without having to replace its outer frame. This can more than double the value of your phone as a trade-in and allow us to pass on additional cost savings to you directly.

What is ATT Next up charge?

Next UpSM by AT&T with Installment Plan

You must make 30 monthly payments for the device in addition to the $5 monthly fee for the Next Up early upgrade and trade-in option. You can trade in your smartphone and upgrade to a new model after paying 50% of the retail cost of it and using the Next Up feature.

Does phone insurance cover lost phone?

What is covered by cell phone insurance? Cell phone insurance offers coverage for electrical and mechanical issues, but that’s about where the similarities end. If your phone is damaged by liquid, lost, or stolen, it is also covered by cell phone insurance.

Can you cancel Asurion insurance?

Can my plan be cancelled? Anytime, you can revoke your plan (with a full refund if canceled within the first 30 days). You’ll get a prorated refund if you still have coverage after 30 days.

Can I cancel phone insurance claim?

In general, by calling a representative of your insurance provider, you can cancel or withdraw an insurance claim. If the damages are minimal and you can cover them on your own, you might want to withdraw your request.

How do I know if I have insurance on my AT&T phone?

Navigate to Device warranty and protection. Select your device and log in. Your wireless line is currently enrolled in a protection plan if you see Status: Insured. To view the details of your plan, select Insured.

Which is the best mobile insurance?

OneAssist Insurance for Mobile

OneAssist is one of the best mobile phone insurance plans that enables you to safeguard your smartphones from physical harm and breakage. With OneAssist, you also receive an extended warranty. Additionally, it offers theft insurance, which is only offered with certain plans.

How can we protect competitive advantage?

To prevent new businesses entering your market, try:

  1. Take the lead in the market with original goods or services.
  2. Create a private service area that you can legally defend.
  3. Make a supplier commit to serving only your company.
  4. Become the sole authorized vendor.
  5. Create alliances within your sector.

Can you add insurance to a AT&T phone anytime?

Customers can only purchase insurance once more, and that is within 30 days of a new activation or a device upgrade. This indicates that you have another opportunity to enroll if you’ve had your device for more than 30 days.

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What is ATT ProTech support?

ProTech support is an AT&T wireless subscriber-only monthly service that offers individualized concierge support services to help with the majority of “how-to” and functionality questions pertaining to mobile devices and mobile applications (“ProTech support”,” or “Service”).

What is the AT&T ProTech app?

Your AT&T Protect Advantage and/or AT&T HomeTech Protection benefits are easily accessible through the AT&T ProTech app. You can chat with our team of knowledgeable support specialists if you’re experiencing technical problems. Additionally, you can manage repairs, access digital support tools, and even submit a claim to Asurion directly from the app.

Why is AT&T giving away free phones?

Next year, AT&T will terminate its 3G network. Many users of AT&T’s 3G network will be impacted by the change, which is scheduled to take place in February of next year. The business is offering a free replacement phone as restitution for the shutdown.

Is AT&T offering free 5G phones?

Change to AT&T and receive the ground-breaking Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G absolutely free! requires an AT&T 5G connection-compatible plan.

What happens when you file a claim with Asurion?

Once you’ve submitted a claim, you can always check its status online. Important information: If you receive a replacement device, you must send the damaged one back along with the replacement’s prepaid shipping mailer.

Is Asurion owned by ATT?

It is what it is, Asurion. ATT or any other carrier does not own it.

Can I trade my phone in if its cracked?

All warranties are void and screens with LCD or display damage cannot be accepted.

Can I still use my phone if the screen is cracked?

Therefore, the answer is: No, continuing to use it is neither okay nor secure. Let’s examine some risks associated with using a phone that has a cracked screen in order to better understand how a damaged screen can harm both your phone and you.

What does a phone warranty cover?

A phone warranty is what? A new phone includes a free manufacturer’s warranty. It guarantees that the company will repair or replace your device if there is a hardware or electrical issue that results from a manufacturing defect.

Does asurion cover broken phones?

You won’t have to worry about a cracked screen, water damage, loss, or even theft if you have an Asurion mobile protection plan. Our specialists are on hand to put things right. We’ll send you a replacement as soon as the same day we fix your broken device. Simply submit a claim, either online or over the phone.

Does Asurion send new iphones?

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Asurion frequently sends replacement phones that have undergone expert refurbishment. The branding on these phones frequently reads “Refurbished by Asurion” or “Remanufactured by Asurion.”

Does Asurion come to your house?

A trained Asurion technician will visit your home to finish the repair, frequently the following day.

Is it worth it to have phone insurance?

If the cost of replacing your phone would put a strain on your finances, purchasing cellphone insurance might be worthwhile. And given that the most recent smartphones cost more than $1,000, such a circumstance is not unusual. If your phone is misplaced, stolen, or accidentally damaged, insurance might be able to help.

Does Asurion send new phones?

You won’t get to make a decision about whether Asurion will choose to fix or replace the device once the insurance claim has been approved. If the latter, they will overnight ship it to you. There will be a battery, a SIM card, and a phone charger. It might be brand-new or refurbished.

How much does it cost to upgrade your phone?

A general cost of upgrading to the most recent model is: An additional $25 per month, which is the typical cost of financing or leasing a phone; $199, which is the typical cost of contract-based phone subsidies; or $650 or more, which is the cost of purchasing your phone outright.

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How do I get out of AT&T installment plan?

Do not desire the AT&T Next Up upgrade option any longer? If your phone was purchased: In the previous 14 days: Visit a shop of ours. A week later: To cancel the AT&T Next Up upgrade option, view the details of your installment plan and follow the on-screen directions.

Does AT&T cover cracked screens?

When you have a device that qualifies, the cracked screen repair option is automatically added to your insurance plan. For the repair of a cracked screen, there is a $89 deductible. The deductible for replacing the covered device or getting a new one might be lower than the deductible for screen repairs.

Can you claim a stolen phone on house insurance?

Your mobile phone is typically covered by contents insurance policies, along with other valuables and personal property. Only the actual phone will be covered in the event of theft, loss, or damage; fraudulent calls will not be covered.

How do I cancel my AT&T Advantage protection for 4?

By dialing 888.562.8662 or visiting att.com/myatt, you can cancel your optional coverage at any time and get a prorated refund of any unused monthly premiums or charges.

How do I cancel my mobile protection plan?

Make a customer service call

Calling a customer service number connected to your insurance provider will make canceling smartphone insurance the simplest process possible. A customer service phone number for insurance that was provided by a wireless provider, like Verizon, can be easily found with a quick Google search.

How many claims a year can you make with Asurion?

Low premiums, high deductibles, and a claim cap are features of month-to-month phone insurance (Asurion allows two claims per year with a $1,500 claim cap per claim).

Does Asurion own uBreakiFix?

Since its inception in 2009, uBreakiFix has grown to include over 832 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. They are best known for fixing different types of home electronics. uBreakiFix was purchased by the insurance provider Asurion, LLC in August 2019.

How do I get a refund from Asurion?

You’ll get a prorated refund if you still have coverage after 30 days. If necessary, how do I cancel? Search “Asurion” at amazon.com/orders. Locate the program you want to cancel. Click “Cancel Policy” within the first 30 days. Click “Contact Seller” after 30 days, then choose “Return Product” as the subject.

What is the deductible for iPhone insurance?

Each incident of accidental damage covered by AppleCare+ is subject to a service charge of $29 for damage to the screen or back glass or $99 for other accidental damage. A $149 deductible applies to each case of theft or loss.

What is protect Advantage insurance for 4 premium?

Each enrolled mobile account costs $40 per month. includes Photo Storage app, ProTech app, AT&T Protect Insurance for 4 eligible devices, and ProTech support for up to 4 eligible devices. 8 shared claims with a maximum device value of $2,500 per occurrence within any consecutive 12-month period.

Which insurance is best for iPhone?

With AppleCare+ for iPhone, you can add up to two incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months, extending your coverage to two years from the date you first purchased AppleCare+. For screen or back glass damage, each incident is subject to a service fee of $2500, or $8900 for other accidental damage.

What can AT&T ProTech help customers with?

ProTech professionals offer individualized support to help you make the most of your device. They can assist you by: Install your new phone and connect it to your vehicle, wireless speakers, and other Wi-Fi capable equipment. You can quickly move your content between devices.

How do you identify a competitive advantage?

How to identify a competitive advantage

  1. Technologies. A company’s use of technology in the production of a good, in the management of customer relations, or in the development of internal relationships can be viewed as a competitive advantage.
  2. brand recognition
  3. customer support
  4. a potent competitive edge.